Contact Wheels for 2×72 Grinders

There are a lot of requests and questions regarding where to purchase contact wheels. As you know there are two types of contact wheels, smooth and serrated. They come in various diameters from 2″ to 14″ with 2″ widths. The most common sizes used are between 6 and 12 inches in diameter.

There are various suppliers in North American, with almost all of the suppliers in the USA.
L-Paladin in China, is one of many suppliers who sells contact wheels in Southeast Asia.

Enclosed are some links to the L-Paladin store on Aliexpress. The website states free shipping to Canada via DHL, but expect to pay Duty and Taxes on the Canadian value and possible handling fees from DHL. The site sells in various currencies and for us Canadians, you can pick CDN dollars.

If you are using 1/2″ axle bolts, you must pick “For 6202 Bearings” The wheels come with a Cir-clips installed. You can purchase bearings and Grade 8 axle bolts from Nexus Grinders and install them yourself or have one of your local business press them in for you. You could also install a spacer between the bearings using DOM material with a 1/2″ inside diameter. The website also states that the wheels are Dynamically Balanced.

L-Paladin Links
150 x 50 mm (6″ x 2″) Serrated Rubber contact Wheel   *Sale price Can $46.10
200 x 50 mm (8″ x 2″) Serrated Rubber Contact Wheel   *Sale price Can $54.06
250 x 50 mm (10″ x 2″) Serrated Rubber Contact Wheel  *Sale price Can $85.68
300 x 50 mm (12″ x 2″) Serrated Rubber Contact Wheel  *Sale price Can $90.98
* sale price on January 5, 2019

I am not endorsing the above company. Do your own research and be informed before you purchase from any supplier. I am only providing the above links for your reference. If you have purchased smooth or serrated wheels from L-Paladin or any other Canadian or USA supplier, please provide me with some feedback so that we can update the blog for others.