About Us

About Us

Why the name Nexus Grinders? Nexus by definition is a connection or linking of two or more things or ideas (designs). As our company has grown and we now offer knife steel and knife making supplies, we have updated to Nexus Grinders and Knife Supply.

When I first started my research into 2×72 grinders I was a little shocked at the prices and frankly still am.

After spending months researching as many commercial and home built belt grinders. I quickly came to one conclusion; it was time to create a grinder and products that combines some of the best features, ideas and designs from various builders from around the world.   I was not trying to re-invent the hundreds of commonly built 2×72 belt grinders, but to build a hobby belt grinder that Canadians could afford.

I also realized during our research that there are no Canadian suppliers of parts for the DIY builder.  I believe that having a truly Canadian business and supplier of aluminum wheels, various grinder parts, VSM abrasives and other tools for the DIY builder was long overdue.  We are proud to provide parts and supplies that knifemakers want with a reasonable price to service Canadians.

The result is a well-designed, practical 2 x 72 belt grinder that is one of the most affordable (slot and tab designed) 3 arm machines on the Canadian market along with parts and supplies to build your own grinder.

Nexus Grinders and Knife Supply…..Connecting you with the tools you need to create.