Drill sizes for Pin Stock

We know it can be frustrating or confusing when trying to figure out what drill bit size to use when drilling your blades. Drilling an 1/8″ hole for a piece of 1/8″ pin stock is just a bit too tight, so here are the recommended drill bit sizes for your pin stock.

We have selected the drill sizes that match the most common pin stock such as stainless steel, brass or copper.

Size 52 – for 1/16 pin stock
Size 39 – for 3/32 pin stock
Size 30 – for 1/8 pin stock
Size F – for 1/4 pin stock
Size 11 – for 3/16 pin stock
Size V – for 3/9 pin stock
Size 11.2mm – for 7/16 pin stock

The drill bits and pin stock are available at Nexus Grinders and Knife Supply