SOOW vs SJOOW Cable and Recommendations

Wire for your grinder.

SOOW and SJOOW are the best rated cords for power tools and equipment.  For Belt Grinders, we are going to discuss the differences between the two types of electrical cord and also the recommended wire sizes for your motors and Variable Frequency Drives. 

SOOW cord has a 600-volt rating.  SJOOW (J = junior service cord) is rated for 300 volts.  You can use either the 300 or 600 volt rated cord, but we recommend you use SJOOW cord as it’s cheaper and you don’t need 600 volt rating cord for most grinder motors and drives.

SOOW cord is incredibly durable. Its thermoset rubber jacket makes the cord weather resistant, and the jacket hardens under a direct application of heat, which allows the cord to be unaffected by aging, abrasion, water, sunlight and ozone. Oil-resistant insulation and jacketing lend to the cord’s durability as well.

SOOW wire can be submerged underwater and is flame retardant; therefore, it’s safe for all indoor and outdoor projects. The thermoset rubber won’t melt when it comes into contact with hot surfaces or oils. The cord is safe up to 221 degrees Fahrenheit, and it will even remain safe and flexible in temperatures as low as negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

The SJOOW version remains flexible and durable but is designed for indoor applications such as portable tools, equipment and motors.

Here are some recommendations.  Please do your own research or contact an electrician.

SJOOW 300 volt rating is our first choice for indoor applications.
SOOW 600 volt rating is our second choice, mostly due to costs.

You should also use strain reliefs for each connection in to your motor and VFD.
Strain relief 1/2” will work for 14/314/416/3 and 16/4 AWG.
Strain relief 3/4” for 10/310/4, 12/3 and 12/4 AWG.

14/3 or 14/4 AWG is rated at 15 Amps
12/3 or 12/4 AWG is rated at 20 Amps
10/3 or 10-4 AWG is rated at 30 Amps
* Check your motor Amperage to determine the correct wire gauge.

For 115 Volt or 230 volt Single Phase motors with cords up to 30’
1hp 1 phase 14/3 AWG
1.5hp 1 phase 12/3 AWG
2hp 1 phase 12/3 AWG
3hp 1 phase 10/3 AWG

For 230 volt Three Phase motors with KBAC 24d or 27d VFD’s:
 For 15 Amp supply 14/3 AWG to the VFD and 16/4 from the VFD to the motor.
For 20 Amp supply 12/3 AWG to the VFD and 16/4 from the VFD to the motor.
 For 30 Amp supply 10/3 AWG to the VFD and 16/4 from the VFD to the motor.

These are our recommendations only.
Working on electrical circuits or incorrectly connecting electrical equipment can be extremely hazardous. Please consult with qualified electrician and qualified personnel if you are unsure how to make safe electrical connections.  Electrical connections should meet or exceed National, Provincial, and local electrical codes. Always refer to the manufacture’s manuals and installation instructions. You may need permits if you are making changes or adding circuits to your electrical panel. Please check with your local authorities before starting any electrical connections.