Latex Disk Cement


Latex Disk Cement

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Latex Disk Cement

This Latex Disc Cement is specifically formulated for securing paper and cloth-backed abrasives to any disc. This adhesive simplifies the work involved when changing abrasive discs. The adhesive is fast drying and easy to use.

Six Easy Steps For Application:
1. Clean both surfaces to be bonded and make sure steel disc is free of grease.
2. Brush Freeman Latex Disc Cement onto both the abrasive backing and steel disc.
3. Allow Freeman Latex Disc Cement to dry (10-30 min.) before applying abrasive.
4. Align edges of abrasive disc to steel disc and apply carefully.
5. Roll down abrasive disc from the center outward.
6. Trim the excess abrasive from the outside diameter of the disc.

*Note – 3M feathering disk adhesive is no longer manufactured.

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Weight.950 kg
Dimensions11 × 11 × 13 cm

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