D-Plate with Platen and Idler Wheels


D-Platen for 2×72 with 2″ Aluminum Nexus Idler Wheels and hardware.



Start your homebuilt grinder project off with our steel D-Plate, Platen with with our Nexus Aluminum 2″ Idler Wheels.

Our D-shaped Plate was designed for deep slack belt grinding. The plate is CNC cut from 3/8″ steel. Wheel mounting holes are 1/2″-13 accurately tappede. The centre mounting hole is 1/2″ diameter and the U-shape adjusting slot accepts a 3/8″ bolt. The slots for a platen mounting bracket are 1/4″ wide and 6″ apart. The axle holes are 10.5″ center to centre and will accept an 8″ long flat platen.

This set include two (2) of our Nexus Aluminum Idler Wheels two (2) grade 8 bolts 3 1/2″ long, 1/2″-13 threads, with 8 machine washers, and two (2) nyloc nuts.

Additional information

Weight 3.54 kg
Dimensions 36 × 21.5 × 17 cm