4″ Aluminum Drive Wheel (discontinued)


4″ Aluminum drive wheel – discontinued

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This 4″ Drive wheel is no longer being produced as we are now using the new style “Dished Side” 4″ drive wheel.  The price has been reduced for a quick sale.  

One, 4″ diameter CNC lathe turned aluminum Drive Wheel with flat sides. The drive wheel is crowned to ensure accurate belt tracking.  The face of the drive wheel is 2-1/4″ wide.  The set screw (included) is 1/4-20 & 1/2″ long and is offset to assist with the installations on shorter drive shafts. Please note that the bore of this drive wheel is 5/8″ and also has a standard key way.

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Weight 1.240 kg
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 6 cm

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