15N20 High Carbon Steel



15N20 High Carbon Steel is a high nickel alloy most commonly used with 1084 or 1095 to create pattern welded or “Damascus” steel.


15N20 High Carbon Steel

Note: All steel is sold by the foot. When picking the quantity of 2, equals a 2 foot bar. Our steel bars come in 4 foot lengths (CPM steels are in 3 foot lengths). Please provide your cutting instructions in the shopping cart left of the total price in the box “Special instructions for seller”.
If you do not provide specific cutting instructions and order a 4 foot length or more (6,8,10,12 feet etc.), then all bars will be cut in half into multiple 2 foot lengths.
3 foot length order will ship in 3 foot lengths.
5 foot order will be shipped in a 2 foot and 3 foot length in a 3 foot box.
Any bars over 3 feet are very expensive to ship and will be cut to fit in a 2 or 3 foot box.

We carry a variety of different thicknesses up to 1/8″ and have found that even 15N20 on its own makes great knife steel.

In other industries, it is used for saw blades.

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0.065 or 1/16", 0.094 or 3/32", 0.125 or 1/8", 0.156 or 5/32", .187 or 3/16'


1.5", 2"