10″ Contact Wheel Serrated Rubber


10″ contact wheel

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This is for one contact wheel which is 10″ in diameter, and 2″ wide.  The wheel is serrated rubber with a hardness of 70 duro.  The wheels are dynamically balanced. Includes sealed 6202 bearings that will fit 1/2 axle bolts.

Comes with 1/2 Grade 8 bolt, CNC made steel spacer, washers and lock nut. *Note steel spacer is designed for Nexus Grinders.
Steel tool arms are available for purchase.

This 10″ wheel is ideal for hollow-grinding. The wheels are made exclusively for Nexus Grinders.
Recommended RPM is 800 to 3600.

We use these Contact Wheels on our Nexus Grinders.

Additional information

Weight 2.64 kg
Dimensions 26 × 26 × 9.5 cm

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