Contact Wheels for 2×72 Grinders

There are a lot of requests and questions regarding where to purchase contact wheels. As you know there are two types of contact wheels, smooth and serrated. They come in various diameters from 2″ to 14″ with 2″ widths. The most common sizes used are between 6 and 12 inches in diameter. Contact wheels are great for hollow grinding or deburring.

There are also a few different materials that are used to coat the wheels. Rubber is the most common and can handle heat build up the best. Next is poly urethane which can be machined well at the higher durometers. These are generally rated a little less when it comes to handling heat. Foam is another coating, but they generally don’t stand up to the rigors of knife making.

There are very few suppliers in North America with most being in the USA. Most of the US suppliers are re-selling items from Aliexpress so do your research before purchasing. The USA suppliers that manufacture their own contact wheels can be a bit pricey with exchange and shipping factored in. Turkish made contact wheels are now being sold in North America.

We no longer are manufacturing or selling contact wheels.