Tracking Mechanism

When you start a new business, one of the challenges is finding the time to research, design, build and test new products. This week, I took some time to bench test our new 2 axis tracking mechanism. Although I usually leave the items in its raw steel state during testing, I added the pieces to the last order of powder coating. Well today, I started the bench testing and it performed exactly as it was designed. This new 2 axis tracking mechanism will make setup of all of the NG models easier for everyone. It will also allow for the fine adjustment when adding other attachments or for you blade smiths who like to run belts backwards.

Enclosed is short video demonstrating the fine tuning with the 2 axis tracking mechanism. The belt was purposely setup to be running into the grinder to demonstrate how the new mechanism works. The tracking wheel was set at 90 degrees from the frame. Adjusting the two socket cap screws allows the belt to be moved back to the centre of the tracking wheel and idler wheels. Once you have it dialled in, tighten the two screws and you’re done. This tracking mechanism allows you to adjust the tracking wheel in two different planes which makes setup so much easier.

The new 2 axis tracking mechanism is installed on all of the Nexus Grinders.

Bench Testing the Nexus 2 Axis Tracking Mechanism